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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Introduction...Who is Akar?

The history books don’t even bother to mention me or any others like me by name.  Our sixth ruler, the young Hammurabi created what he called “Hammurabi’s Code”, a series of clauses that wasn’t written for me to be successful in life, for I was a slave in Mesopotamia. My name is Akar and it is Egyptian for victorious or killer. I wasn’t always considered a “slave”. I was once a proud soldier/warrior of Sumer until we were beaten by Hammurabi around 1760 B.C.E. Once we lost the battle many of my family and friends were also turned into slaves. Over the next 4-5 weeks I will talk to you all and give my views on varies events that I hope will keep you all entertained and coming back to my blog site wanting more. Thanks for taking the time to visit this first time around. Until the next post...take care


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