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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Evolution of Weapons

I’d like to talk to you all about something that has amazed me in every way possible. During the battles of my times we had wooden clubs, spears (throwing sticks) and unshaped stones and once we had the Bronze Age movement we devolved bronze weapons. These weapons were more effective for harming and killing our enemies. Through the years battering rams were created to breach fortifications. Then a huge change in strategy happened, cavalries developed once horses were bred to support the weight of man. The horses allowed for an extended range and increased the speed of one’s attack. The biggest thing the horses provided was an enhanced capability. Shortly after the horse period another big leap in warfare happened, it was the use of warships. This change came about during the 7th century BC. These little ships built for weapons were soon replaced by larger ships during the 4th century BC. During the Middle Ages weapons continued to make advancements. Knights became the dominating war fighters supported by massed infantry. These Knights would be on horseback and would charge their enemies with lances to break up their formations. Once they would break through they would draw their swords and continue to wreak havoc. They continued to use some of the ancient weapons that we used, but they have now developed bows for distance kills. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, gunpowder was introduced in the Far East. Also the use of cannons in open battle came to replace the trebuchet as the main siege weapon. Now I finally get to the Modern times and the weapons to mass destruction. It is these weapons that I have become at awe over. Technology has come a very long way from when I was a war fighter. It is these weapons that have changed the face of the war fighting. The impact that the use of these weapons have caused is unheard of. Modern times have also seen the use of other weapons such as machine guns, rockets, tanks and even aircrafts being used. I didn’t mention all the weapons created throughout time, but I hope that you get the point I’m trying to make. Weapons have evolved so much over time and with the way technology is ever evolving I’m downright scary where we could see the impact of weapons in the near future. Lastly, I would like to leave off by saying it’s been sad to see the destruction that weapons have caused, but truly the sadness thing to me may be seeing how human beings have been using themselves as bombs. These people have been promised many great treasures in their afterlife to strap a bomb to their body and kill innocent people in the name of what? I hope you all have found this post both enlighten and entertaining. Until the next time, take care.

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