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Monday, August 15, 2011

How this life came about

This is Akar and after a brutal day of working for the master and his family I am finally able to relax and let you guys know a little about my life. I am an eduacated slave who was captured during a brutal battle in Egypt, with the Babylonians and their superior weapons being the victors. The Egyptians have been a superior nation for as long as the sun has shined on the Nile, but these new weapons the Babylonians had were remarkable. They had CHARIOTS, how can we fight against that? They sped toward us and we fired our arrows and threw our spears but our lines could not hold against this devastating force. We became a broken, disoriented army who was divided and divided into smaller forces and were almost completely wiped out. I fear for our divine leader, I do not know his fate, but the gods must be watching over him. We were taken to the capital and paraded before the whole city.It was not only the soldier slaves, but all the spoils of the war that Babylon looted, pillaged, and took, leaving behind only waste and ashes. It was embarrassing, but at that point I was just lucky to be alive, so I put up with the jeers and cheers from the crowd. The say that the life of a slave isn't that bad here, and we will even be protected by the words of the king. I do not know what to believe of this. Can it be true? Slaves helped with many of our projects in Egypt, but to actually become one is almost unthinkable if I weren't here now. I am going to be sent to a wealthy merchants house and there I am going to be used for general labor and because I am educated will be taught how to write this strange new language. This is not the worst thing that could happen to me, and maybe somehow I can become free again. Hope is something I will cling to as dearly as I cling to life.

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